Shaking Behind the Microphone

ShakingBehind the Microphone

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

By Jill Vanderwood

Table of Contents

Section 1
Fear Has Held Me Back
  1. Finding Confidence
    Jill A. Vanderwood-author
  2. Fear of Failure
    Laurie Bokuniewicz-PR
  3. Unable to Communicate
    Oscar Carlson-law/business student
  4. On Auto Pilot
    Becky Blanton—writer
Section 2
Speaking for a living
  1. I Will Never Speak in Public
    Baron Canon—head of business development
  2. With Training Wheels
    Geof White—author
  3. My Job Was in Jeopardy
    Rocky Finseth—lobbyist
  4. Respect Your Audience
    Rabbi Manis Friedman
Section 3
Celebrities Overcoming Stage Fright
  1. Comedy Changed My Life
    Dan Nainan—comedian/author
  2. The Butterflies Are Dancing
    Tony Barker—performer
  3. Using Stage Fright to Improve Your Performance
    Juan María Solare—professional pianist
  4. Building My Hollywood Resume
    David Barckhoff—SAG nominated actor/producer
Section 4
Public Speaking Experts
  1. Stand Taller
    Jan Fox—speaking coach/author
  2. Hiding in the Men’s Room
    Mark Grimm—speaking coach/author
  3. Public Speaking Education through Toastmasters
    Norm Bour—author/speaker
  4. A Toast to Public Speaking
    Barry Maher—professional speaker
  5. The Procrastinator’s View on Public Speaking
    Richard Nikoley—professional blogger/speaker
Section 5
When Kids Learn Early
  1. Oblivious to the Fear
    Geof White—author
  2. A Preachers Daughter
    Jan Fox—speaking coach/author
  3. Speak Up!
    Sandra Sheerin—speaking coach
Section 6
Non Traditional Treatments for Fear of Public Speaking
  1. Improving Nutrition Can Help You Overcome Fear
    Trudy Scott—nutrition specialist
  2. Hypnotic Intervention
    William Wood--Certified Hypnotist
  3. My Hypnotic Session
    Erik Johnson—hypnosis patient