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Ten year old Alyssa is visiting her grandmother while her parents are out of town.

Grandma Emma has been attending cooking classes, and she is anxious to try out some of her new recipes. Alyssa thinks something is fishy when her grandma gets out a chemistry set. Grandma tells her she is making a recipe for more days in the week.

While making a formula to clean the dog, Grandma has changed the color of her small black and white dog to pink and green. Her strange dog, has caught the interest of the dog catcher.

When grandma fails to follow her recipe, the formula expands onto the small rug. As she attempts to clean up the mess, her dog Domino jumps onto her back and they both fall through the rug.

Alyssa and the dog catcher follow her grandma and Domino into a strange place called Wishville, where all wishes are granted.

They soon find out that you get exactly what you wish for. They find themselves in more messes, from leaving Wishville with no way to return, to going to sleep at the zoo.

The dog catcher left Wishville, vowing to catch Domino when they get home. When they return to Grandma’s house, the adventure continues with the magic of more days in the week.