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Jill Vanderwood

Lee Westover has always had a natural ability for art. She has been drawing and painting since she was a very young girl. She did so well in art at school, her teachers were sure she would be a professional artist someday. Studying art at Mendocino and Dixie College, she was a student under the direction of many well-known artists. As a result of this natural talent and training, she has won many watercolorist awards for her paintings and also taught art classes.

Lee was inspired throughout her life by her artist father Leonard Weddell, a retired artist and painter, her artistic mother, Jacquelyn, and her artistic husband, Dwaine. She also found inspiration from her grandmother, Maurine Miller, writer and author of young adult books. Maurine was the person who inspired Lee to do illustrations for children's books.

Lee and Jill have been friends for several years now and Jill asked Lee to do the illustrations for her children's book, "Through the Rug." Lee hopes you'll have as much fun reading this book as she did doing the art for it. She found it to be a delightful, imaginary story, filled with fun, adventure and color.