Through the Rug

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Author Unknown


"If the puppy dog eyes don't work, use more conventional methods..."

"What?! I didn't....I .... I was just thirsty."

"Hey, did you take my Old Spice??
No, seriously..."

"Why did I eat so many cookies? WHY?!"


"Kid... You're asking the wrong guy."

"The leg might be broken, but I can still annoy the fluff off of you!"

"Mum said - all I have to do is give you puppy dog eyes and you'll feed me.
How'm I doin'....?"

"I don't get it. Where's the milk?!"


"Bread! You're seriously giving me bread...?"

" *sniff* *sniff* ..... Why don't they want *sniff* to play with me?"

"Think you're good, huh? Just wait till I sneeze."


"Welllll, I'm a, like, you know, a Gemini..... aaaannnnd, I, like,
you know, like long walks on the beach.
Aaaaannnndd I, like, LOVE tennis balls. ha."

"I'm not *yawn* tired, ok? I'm just.... a little.....sllleeeeppy....

"BUT I DON'T WANNA GO!!!! AAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!"

"I'd better be getting paid overtime for this."

"Ahhh! A mouse!! Quick... on the chair!"

" a tiger. Rrrrrrr"

"Go on - tickle me. You know you wanna."

"You'd think that looking like a panda, I would get a bit more attention around here.
Hello...? Pat me please. Heloooo???"